The city goes to bed...

...and I can live inside my head

8 February 1987
I'm Krista. I'm 22 and going into my 5th year (final 2 quarters) at the University of Washington. I'm a senior, majoring in Political Science. I played clarinet in the Husky Marching Band and am a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi, the national honorary band fraternity, Gamma chapter, Psi class.

"Everything that has a beginning has an end. It's the space in between that defines who we are. We may not always be remembered for the things we want but we'll always have the moments in time that told us who we were and what we would become."

Days until Bush leaves office.

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Hello Kitty Is Love

Bucky is deliciously evil love.

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I love the fishes because they're so delicious...

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Ewoks are fuzzy Love

The Original Trilogy is Love

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